A Taste of Home: PF Chang’s Asian Table

A Taste of Home: PF Chang’s Asian Table

As I mentioned here, I have always wanted to incorporate more food content into this blog. Food is not only a huge part of travel, but also a part of the expat experience. Food can be an incredible comfort when you’re far from home and recreating a favorite dish can help you feel a bit closer to the places you miss.

For me, certain meals can bring me back to a point in time, a feeling or memory to savor along with the flavors. So when I was invited to try the new PF Chang’s Asian Table in Leicester Square, I jumped at the chance to try London’s take on the beloved American restaurant, one where I’ve shared many memories with my sister. Combining some PF Chang’s favorites with a totally new restaurant concept, we had a great date night at PF Chang’s Asian Table.

The Vibe

We arrived on a weeknight evening and the place was packed! The vibe was chic, with exposed ducts and modern furnishings. It was definitely way more hip than any other PF Chang’s we’ve visited!

PF Chang's Asian Table, London

We were led to a table towards the back where we had a great view of the action in the kitchen. I’m impressed such a small crew makes all that food! It was non-stop action for them the entire time we were there.

PF Chang's Asian Table, London

The Drinks

To begin our meal, we each ordered¬† a cocktail from the restaurant’s impressive craft cocktail list. Developed with Fluid Movement, the list incorporates many Asian fusion ingredients into the drinks. With so many choices, it was hard to pick! There is something for everyone between their Bar Lab, Mocktails and Cask-Aged cocktails.

PF Chang's Asian Table, London

I chose the tequila-based Azure since surprisingly there was no Mai Tai on the list! That’s my usual PF Chang’s order with my sister, but I was excited to try something new. Andrew got the Wichcraig Sour, a twist on a whiskey sour. Mine arrived with a giant leaf in it and was light and (perhaps dangerously) delicious.

The Food

Though our drinks were delicious, the real reason we came to try PF Chang’s Asian was the food! I was psyched to try some good old fashioned American Asian fusion with a twist to suit a European palate. A quick scan of the menu before our visit revealed that many US favorites have made their way over. We were going to eat well!

Luckily for me, my favorite PF Changs dish is on the menu in London AND on the gluten-free menu! For anyone hoping to get their Singapore Street Noodle fix, PF Chang’s Asian Table can provide, and gluten-free to boot!

We got an order of gluten-free orange ginger edamame to start, since they were out of the crispy calamari. For mains, I ordered the Singapore Street Noodles and charred veggie board and Andrew got the Mongolian beef with rice and Sichuan green beans.

The gluten-free menu in London is limited, but they are in the process of adding more dishes to it, and they have copies on hand to help those with allergies eat safely. They have dairy-free and shellfish-free dishes available as well.


When our meals arrived, we were set for a proper feast! Portions are smaller than what we’re used to in the US, but honestly, I appreciate that PF Chang’s Asian Table provides reasonable portions! This is something we’ve come to love about the UK and I suspect a large part of the reason we both dropped ten pounds upon moving here.¬†

The food was delicious. The orange ginger edamame was delightful and my Singapore Street Noodles tasted like home!

The Basic Rundown

We had a lovely meal and a great night out in Leicester Square at PF Chang’s. It was the perfect date night, thanks to the elegant vibe, delicious cocktails and tasty dinner. Definitely book ahead, as even on a weeknight it gets packed in here. If you’re not gluten-free, order the Dynamite Shrimp! We saw practically every table order this starter.

PF Chang's Asian Table, London

Reunited with my fave noodles. Only more delicious when I get to share them with my sister!

You can visit PF Chang’s Asian Table at 10 Great Newport Street, WC2H 7JA, just steps from the Leicester Square Tube stop.


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