A Weekend in Deià, Mallorca

A Weekend in Deià, Mallorca

A weekend in Mallorca is more than enough time to inspire creative plans to stay there. We were warned that this might happen, and sure enough, after a few days spent on this island paradise, we were ready to stay.

This trip was very different from many of our previous trips since moving. Instead of being focused on seeing the sights, culture and history of a city, our purpose on this trip was simply to relax and enjoy time with friends. The only agenda was to go to the beach.

Our friends had been to Mallorca before and found us a house for the weekend in beautiful Deià. We rented a couple cars, booked a couple different flights, and over the course of two days, ten of us made our way to this island off of Spain.

Deià is in the northern part of the island, a beautiful seaside town is set into the hillside. Our view was stunning! The beach and town were both within walking distance, though the beach walk was more of a hike!

It was very much worth the walk!

Each day we were there we trekked down to Cala de Deià, which looked and felt like a slice of paradise. The water was clear and warm and the most beautiful shade of turquoise.

There were two beachfront restaurants there, Ca’s Patro March and Ca’n Lluc. One of the days we got some vino tinto to enjoy on the beach, since both restaurants get packed as the day goes on. It was so relaxing!

Most of the rest of our time was spent at the house, where we enjoyed lots of chorizo. We stocked up for our trip at the epic Carrefour by the airport in Palma – we did not leave hungry or thirsty!

It was on this trip that we were introduced to Werewolves and Villagers. I am glad I still have friends after the crew played this game with me 😂 games and sunset views were some of the highlights of the trip!

There was lots of cava and lots of sheep roaming around our Airbnb.

We have been so lucky to make such wonderful friends in London and this trip was a true example of the great crew we’ve found here. It was so much fun, I forgot to take photos! Thankfully, my crew sent theirs to me to use for this post, thank you, guys! You can check out my friend Molly’s blog here, she writes NavigatingNewlyweds.com!



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