A Night in Worth Matravers, Swanage

A Night in Worth Matravers, Swanage

The charming little town of Worth Matravers was our destination after our hike along the South West Coast Path. We arrived as the townspeople were gathering at the little stone church near the centre of the village. Lucky for us, our giant backpacks made us stick out like sore thumbs and our B&B host doubled back to greet us.

The road through town to our bed and breakfast was lined with stone buildings leading up to a small town green. It was picturesque!

Worth Matravers Village

Worth Matravers is a small village, and it is so lovely. If you ever get the chance to visit, here’s my guide:

Do | Stay | Eat | Drink | Basics

What to Do in Worth Matravers

For a small village, there are quite a few things to check out around Worth Matravers, even if you don’t have a car!


The area is filled with walking trails in every direction. We came up from the South West Coast Path near the Royal Marines Commando Memorial, explored some smaller trails the that led down to the sea from the green, and took a lovely path to Corfe Castle the next day.

Walking Path in Worth Matravers

The area is a bit hilly, but steep trails are few and far between so overall they are manageable for most walkers.

Wooden Stonehenge

You read that right. There is a wooden structure that looks like Stonehenge in Worth Matravers. I don’t know why but it is kinda funny to check out.<

Wooden Stonehenge, Dorset, England

Fossil Museum

I’ll share more about this later when I talk about the Square & Compass below, but yes, there is a fossil museum that shares some of the incredible discoveries that have come from the cliffs along the Dorset coast.

Fossil Museum, The Square & Compass, Worth Matravers

Where to Stay in Worth Matravers

We booked a night at the Post Office Cottage B&B. It was adorable and so nice. It felt like we had the place to ourselves!

Post Office Cottage Bed & Breakfast, Worth Matravers

It was right in the centre of Worth Matravers, just opposite the green, which was perfect for our stay because that put it between the restaurant we booked for dinner and the pub! I cannot recommend it highly enough, it was the perfect place to relax after a day on the trail.

Post Office Cottage B&B

Added bonus: the lovely bed and extremely quiet village provided me with the best night’s sleep I’ve had in the last year!

Where to Eat in Worth Matravers

We had an outstanding dinner at the lovely Worth Matravers Tea and Supper Room. Luckily, we snagged the last dinner reservation they offered for the night we were there a few weeks in advance. When we arrived, we understood why – not only are options limited in the area and the restaurant is quite small, the food is fabulous.

Worth Matravers Tea and Supper Room

After a long day of hiking, we were ready to eat and enjoy the whole experience. We got a starter to share that was divine.

Starter at Worth Matravers Tea and Supper House

Then we both got mains that are not our usual orders – I got the duck and Andrew got the pork. Both were fantastic!

Mains at Worth Matravers Tea and Supper House

After so much great food, how could we not order dessert? I got the creme brûlée and Andrew ordered the chocolate cup. It was a truly wonderful meal.

In the morning we enjoyed the breakfast our B&B hosts made for us. It was also quite fantastic and included Post Office cottage homemade jams! Truly delightful and a great way to fuel up for our Sunday hike.

Full English Breakfast at the Post Office Cottage, Worth Matravers

Also when we arrived, we were treated to some Purbeck ice cream by our host. It was so creamy and delicious, if you visit Dorset, definitely get a scoop!

Purbeck Ice Cream<

Where to Grab a Drink in Worth Matravers

The place to go for a drink in Worth Matravers is The Square & Compass. This pub is legendary and we will definitely not forget it!

Andrew at the Square & Compass, Worth Matravers

They make their own ciders and beers. I tried a cider while we watched the sunset over the sea from the epic stone and wood tables out front.

Cider at the Square & Compass

One of the beers is called “Dog on the Roof” and we were lucky enough to see why.

Dog on the Roof at the Square & Compass

The pub dog has his own little ladder that he uses to get up on the roof and look at all the patrons below. It was so cute!

Dog on the Roof at the Square & Compass

We also happened to see a cat sitting on the roof of a duck’s coop. The ducks were keeping their distance because they were afraid of the cat … Lots of animals on roofs in Worth Matravers?

animals on roofs in worth matravers

The thing that makes the Square & Compass so special is not what they serve, however, it is the incredible fossil museum inside!

Museum in the Square & Compass

The owner’s father had a particular interest in the history you can find in the cliffs of Dorset. Thousands of years of fossils and artifacts can be found packed in the cliffs.

It was so cool to read about the rich history of the area and all of the discoveries the pub had made, including items from Roman Britain and more.

Purbeck Roman Britain artifacts

Recently, the Square & Compass was linked to the discovery of the earliest known rodent, the first mammal from which humans descended! Really, really cool stuff.

The Basics

If you are looking for a night away from London in the countryside, Worth Matravers has a lot to offer and is adorable. This quirky village was such a treat after a long hike and we truly enjoyed our stay! From beautiful accommodations to a legendary pub and epic dinner, I am still raving about this weekend two months later.

Worth Matravers


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