Exploring Camden and Remembering Amy

Exploring Camden and Remembering Amy

If you know me well, you know these two things: I love to eat and I love Amy Winehouse. A day trip to Camden to finally see her exhibit at the Jewish Museum London included a whole lot of both of those things (and walking!).

Andrew is not particularly interested in Amy, but lucky for me, my best friend is also a big fan. When she came to visit us, I jumped at the chance to go explore Amy’s old stomping grounds with company. We planned our excursion for the Sunday of my friend’s visit. Completely coincidentally, that day happened to be the 6th anniversary of Amy’s death. Weird, but cool!

We set out for Camden on the bus, strategically planning to arrive around lunchtime to hit up KERB Camden Market for some tasty eats.

Camden London

Camden, London

As soon as we arrived, it became clear that the memory of Amy Winehouse is alive and well all over Camden.

Camden Market, Camden, London

More Amy in Camden

We made our way through the crowds into KERB Camden Market. There are so many booths with so many delicious options. Every booth smells amazing and every next person passes you carrying some sort of delicious feast. Go hungry!

KERB Market, Camden

We decided to get arepas from Arepazo Bros. They were absolutely divine. There is always a line because the arepas are so good, but it is worth it!

Arepa KERB Market Camden London

Arepa from KERB Market, Camden, London

Now I want one again. Rats.

After fueling up at KERB, we headed toward Stables Market to see the Amy Winehouse statue. Of course, we encountered more Amy on the way.

Amy Winehouse Art in Camden London

Stables Market Camden London

Amy Winehouse Statue Camden London

After stopping by the statue, we set out for the Jewish Museum to see the exhibit, Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait via some of the back streets.

Amy street art and … Whole Foods.

Technically, you weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibit. I did sneak one terrible picture. The exhibit featured family photos, clothes and mementos from Amy’s life, curated by her brother. It was interesting, but included no mention of Amy’s struggles or the darker parts of her life. Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait

After the museum, we decided to stop by one of Amy’s favorite pubs, the Hawley Arms, according to the Internet. Of course, more Amy street art greeted us outside. This one was my favorite.

Once inside, we were greeted with more Amy memorabilia. It was a cute place, just off Camden High Street.

Hawley Arms Camden

After a quick G&T, we took my coworker’s recommendation and decided to walk along the Regent’s Canal to Regent’s Park. Lo and behold, more Amy greeted us on our walk.


It is a beautiful stroll along the water. You even pass by exhibits at the zoo!

We got back on the bus at Regent’s Park after a fun and full day!

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait runs until 24 September 2017 at The Jewish Museum London.



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