Things to Do in London: London Magnum Pop Up

Things to Do in London: London Magnum Pop Up

Back when I studied abroad, when I wanted a treat, I’d save up my pence and walk down to the corner shop and get myself a delicious Magnum ice cream bar. I really don’t know what it is about them, but they are seriously so good. When my best friend Kim went backpacking through Europe after graduation, she too discovered the deliciousness of Magnum. I remember thinking it was no surprise – they are the bomb!

Almost ten years later, just a couple weeks before her visit, I happened upon this video:

It was going down!

When Kim arrived, I didn’t think we’d actually have the chance to visit the Magnum pop-up store between all the plans we made. In a lucky coincidence, we happened to walk right by it with just enough time to grab one. It was directly in our path from dinner to the Dominion Theatre, where we were headed to see a wonderful production of An American in Paris (thanks to TKTS!).

When you get to the counter, you pay first, choosing a single or double chocolate dip. We each chose singles, which includes three toppings and costs £5.50.

London Magnum Pop Up

It is set up kinda like a grown up Pinkberry, where you pick your toppings, but then the server puts them into a cocktail shaker instead of a cup. I opted for hibiscus flowers which were really sweet and tasty, white chocolate shavings and dark chocolate shavings. Andrew got the gold flakes and Kim got coconut shavings.

London Magnum Pop Up

Once all your toppings are chosen, the fun starts. With flair, the server shakes up your toppings cocktail and dramatically dips a naked vanilla Magnum bar into your chosen chocolate dip (classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate).

London Magnum Pop Up

Your toppings are then sprinkled onto the hardening chocolate coating. You choose a flavour of drizzle, then a signature Magnum seal.

You’re sent away with instructions to wait two minutes for your Magnum to harden. Immediately after the bar, there several booths where you can put your Magnum to take the perfect Instagram. It is ridiculous, but also makes for great blog pics so I cannot complain!

London Magnum Pop Up

Yes, it was silly, but it was also delicious and super fun. I would say it’s worth a small line like the one we waited in (I read online about people waiting for an hour+… don’t do that, haha!). It was a tasty twist on a classic dessert and definitely got us to stop for dessert when we otherwise wouldn’t have.


The pop-up is open until 10 September at 21-23 Earlham Street, WC2H 9LL London, right on Seven Dials.

The store is pretty funky, decorated with bejewelled Magnum x Moschino decor.

Magnum x Moschino

Phone box, black cabs, the seven dials

The glittery Magnum bars are inspired by the city.

If you are a Magnum fan and in the area, I recommend checking it out!

Magnum x Moschino

Covent Garden Arcades, Trafalgar Square fountains, River Thames


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