Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard

London is filled with incredible restaurants. From delicious food from all over the world to insane concepts that make eating out an adventure, dining is truly an experience here in London. There seems to be a restaurant out there for each and every person who visits and for any occasion warranting a celebratory meal.

One such occasions arose last week – my 30th birthday! I love birthdays and this one would definitely be different, being away from friends and family. Andrew wanted to make sure we did something special, so he made a reservation as soon as he heard about Bob Bob Ricard. With its art deco decor (I had always thought I would throw a roaring 20s themed 30th birthday bash!) and a button at every booth to press for more champagne, where better to celebrate, really?

The restaurant is beautiful, with dark wood and gold details and deep blue leather booths. We were seated straight away and the service was excellent. They were able to accommodate my gluten free diet and the staff was very helpful and polite.

The food is Russian / British fusion and it is delicious. We started with some baked oysters, which were so rich I could only eat one! I am really glad we only got three instead of six. I started with a glass of the Ayala Brut Majeur and it was delicious.

Birthday dinner at Bob Bob Ricard in London!

Champagne and baked oysters to start off my 30th year!

For our mains, I ordered the Norwegian cod and Andrew got the chicken pie and we ordered a side of truffle mashed potatoes. My entree was delicious, and Andrew loved his pie, which was also very impressive looking, with the logo toasted into the top!

My entree at Bob Bob Ricard - the Norwegian cod with a side of truffle mashed potatoes!

Andrew's entree at Bob Bob Ricard - the impressive chicken pie.

After dinner the most exciting moment of dining at Bob Bob Ricard arrived – it was time to press the button for more champagne! A server arrived quickly to take our order (this time two glasses, one for me and one for Andrew).

Press for more champagne at Bob Bob Ricard - it works!

We ordered dessert to enjoy with our champagne (after all, it was my birthday!). I got the Trio of Sorbets & Platinum Vodka and Andrew got the Strawberries & Cream soufflé. It was a lovely ending to a delicious meal.  The perfect place to celebrate my birthday!


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