Friday Few

The cozy and quaint Andrew Edmunds in Soho.

Expat life can often feel like “two steps forward, one step back.” The thrill of getting more settled, achieving goals and seeing and experiencing new things is sometimes tempered by expat realities. This week has been great, but then I check the mail and see that the NI application process is indeed not as easy […]

Autumn Foliage in Holland Park

Happy Halloween! Londoners will tell you that Halloween is not as “big” here as it is in the US. While that is not untrue, there has been plenty of Halloween festivity and cheer to be found here in London! Stores here carry some Halloween things (along with the beginnings of Christmas decor!). There are many homes in […]

Friday Few

It’s amazing how different a week can be when you’re somewhere new. When I think about our second week here compared to the first, the feel is completely different. We’re getting more settled for sure, but the uprootedness we (should have) expected is becoming more apparent. Still, what a city! This place really does amaze […]

Hello world!

London sun rise

“Hello world!” is the title WordPress automatically gives your first post. In light of our recent international relocation, it feels quite fitting for my first post. Hello world, from London! It feels so surreal to be here again, and this time for a couple years! I can happily say I am loving London just as much […]