Friday Few

Friday Few

This week brought both more routine and more change. I started work, so now I am getting back into the commuting groove on a part-time basis. I am thankful to have a place to go, work to do and people to interact with! Haha. Luckily, working part-time means I’ve had plenty of time to continue to help get us settled, explore the city and make new friends.

Here are some snaps from the week:

Buckingham Palace from the gardensAdventures at Buckingham Palace with new friends seeing the Fashioning a Reign exhibit. It was pretty gosh darn neat to be inside the royal palace. The queen was not at home sadly, but it still felt regal! It is beautiful and worth a visit.

Portobello Market in the rainWe took a stroll through Portobello market over the weekend. It was a wonderfully chaotic, colorful and unique experience. The antiques were my favorite, but I’ll need to bring more pounds next time if I want to get something 😬

Tacos al pastor from Tacqueria in Notting Hill!TACOS! Our wanderings in Notting Hill luckily led us past Tacqueria just as we were looking for a spot to grab lunch. It looked legit and we were excited to give the local Mexican food scene a try. The tacos were delicious. The vibe of the restaurant was laid back cool and the staff was friendly. I think we’ll be back!

Graffiti in ShoreditchGraffiti in Shoredich, on our way to Hackney for a lovely dinner with an old friend from high school and her “partner,” as they say here. It was great to catch up with her and meet him, they have both recently moved to London from design school in Norway – so many cool adventures!

Light installation in Soho

Noticed this funky light installation near my office in Soho, just off Carnaby. At night it turns red and blue!

Disco o'clock in our flat!

We are getting more settled and more decorated in our flat. Just waiting for our IKEA dresser and more hangers to arrive – then we’ll be almost done! Love that sunny mornings turn our flat into a disco (or disco o’clock as I like to call), just like our old apartment.

If you’ve made it this far – congrats! Today is a very special Friday because it is the day both my sister and my brother-in-law were born! Happy, happy birthday guys, I love you and miss you so much! I wish we could be there to celebrate, but I know your two little boys will make sure your day is special 🙂


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