Mews of Kensington, Part I

Mews of Kensington, Part I

When wandering central London, particularly the Kensington area, every once in a while you’ll notice a particularly charming little street, usually located just off of or behind a busier street. These streets will often be paved in stone, with the row of houses sitting right on the street. You’ve found a mews.

Mews are converted stables that have been turned into quaint apartments. Once intended for horses and servants, now mews are some of the most sought after types of housing available in London. Our flat tour originally included a mews house, but it was scooped up before we could look at it (huge bummer). Mews streets feel like a peaceful secret oasis, and whenever I see one, I can’t help but steal away and enjoy a quiet moment wandering and looking at the colorful doors and houses. You can read more about mews here.

This week, I decided to take a walk with my coffee and set out to see more of the area’s mews. As anyone who has ever traveled with me knows, I am big on making Google Maps. I searched around for mews in our area and gathered them all on a Google Map, then chose a route that would bring me by a few as I sipped my Americano.

It is pretty amazing that these quiet little streets exist amidst the hustle and bustle of a big city!


Adam & Eve Mews, off High St Kensington

Adam and Eve Mews… looks like it was trash day!

More Adam and Eve Mews

Another view of Adam and Eve Mews

Down the alleyway to Kingsley Mews

Down the alleyway to Kingsley Mews

Small, but charming mews street in South Kengsington!

Charming and small mews, love a stable door.

An apple grows in Cornwall Mews

Many mews homes have beautiful plants outside their doors.

View of Cornwall Mews

A view from the Cornwall Mews.

Kynance Mews in South Kensington

View into Kynance Mews.

Mews of Kensington, London


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