The Churchill Arms at Christmas

I’d call the Churchill Arms a neighborhood gem, but I think it’s more than that – it is always packed! This pub in Notting Hill is truly unique. It is covered in flowers all year long, even inside in the restaurant is filled with plants. I don’t blame people from around the city or visitors […]

Bergen Fjord Tour

There were a lot of raised eyebrows when I told people we’d be traveling to Norway in late November. It would be cold, yes, and dark. However, our purpose in traveling to Norway was to get the best shot we could at seeing the Northern Lights. It would be dark, but not too cold and well […]

Bob Bob Ricard

press for more champagne at bob bob ricard

London is filled with incredible restaurants. From delicious food from all over the world to insane concepts that make eating out an adventure, dining is truly an experience here in London. There seems to be a restaurant out there for each and every person who visits and for any occasion warranting a celebratory meal. One such […]

Friday Few

The cozy and quaint Andrew Edmunds in Soho.

Expat life can often feel like “two steps forward, one step back.” The thrill of getting more settled, achieving goals and seeing and experiencing new things is sometimes tempered by expat realities. This week has been great, but then I check the mail and see that the NI application process is indeed not as easy […]

Autumn Foliage in Holland Park

Happy Halloween! Londoners will tell you that Halloween is not as “big” here as it is in the US. While that is not untrue, there has been plenty of Halloween festivity and cheer to be found here in London! Stores here carry some Halloween things (along with the beginnings of Christmas decor!). There are many homes in […]

Friday Few

I am realizing that I really need to work on my photo taking game during the week! Between work and getting more involved with a social club for expats, I’ve been keeping myself quite busy. Our work days are long now that we’re commuting via train again, so it is hard to do much of […]

Friday Few

I think you can tell that things are picking up over here in London, as I have only a few pictures from the past week to show for it! Between getting into the swing of things with freelancing, getting involved with a social club for Americans here and doing my best to meet up with all […]