London Day Trip: Hiking the Eynsford Circular

London Day Trip: Hiking the Eynsford Circular

Our latest hike took us to Eynsford in Kent, where we walked a long the Eynsford Circular. This lovely country stroll was a nice walk, even in the rain.

Getting There | The Walk | The Sights

Getting to the Eynsford Circular

Just 45 minutes by train from Blackfriars, trains leave every half hour out to Eynsford. We took a ThamesLink service there and back.


Walk 59 – The Eynsford Circular

Our walk was based off the Saturday Walkers Club Eynsford Circular Walk. We decided to take a shorter option of this walk so we could pass through Shoreham and by the Mount Vineyard, bird sanctuary, a castle, and a historic Roman villa. This route is rated a 5/10 on the Saturday Walker’s Club website and it made for a lovely weekend stroll, even with our backpacks loaded up.

After getting off the train at Eynsford, we set on the road for a bit before joining the trail. That is where we saw our first giant snail of the walk.

Eynsford Circular

Then into the woods we went. Though a somewhat chilly, grey and gloomy day, the buds were starting to appear on the trees! Spring is coming, at last!

Eynsford Circular

Eynsford Circular

Through rolling downs, we passed green fields and sheep.

Eynsford Circular

At the highest peak, we could just make out view under the clouds. After our trip to Lake Bled, we’ve learned to accept that sometimes the weather is going to interrupt the views.

Eynsford Circular

Eynsford Circular

At this point, we bumped into snail #2.

Eynsford Circular Snail

Through fields and residential areas, past horses and golf courses we went.

Eynsford Circular

Horse on Eynsford Circular

A little scared of my buddy here getting too close…

The Sights of the Eynsford Circular

Almost through the golf course, we saw a sign advertising The Mount Vineyard. It declared their wines “Kent Wine of the Year” and that it was less than a 10 minute walk away. We were intrigued.

The Mount Vineyard

We continued on to Shoreham where we planned to stop for lunch. Andrew Googled the vineyard and saw that they were having a tasting in just twenty minutes. The website made it sound like it would be fully booked, but we figured we’d stop by and see.

The Mount Vineyard

You’ll see what we discovered there in my next post, tomorrow!

From Shoreham, we had just a couple miles to go before getting back to Eynsford station. These miles were mostly flat, but exciting! In them we passed a few sites of note.

Eynsford Circular

Before our detour and before we knew it would be raining so much, we thought we may check out more of the sights along the path. Passing them by that didn’t look that exciting in the rain so we didn’t stop, but they were cool to see.

First, we came upon Lullingstone Castle. Made from brick, it is beautiful from the outside and there were many tour groups there. There has been a settlement on the site for thousands of years and you can visit the Lullingstone Roman Villa to learn more about the history of the first homes there.

Lullingstone Castle

During our walk, we passed lavender fields in the distance. I imagine this hike is beautiful in the spring time with tree covered paths and those fields in view. After that, it was a quick walk back to the station and a fairly quick journey back home. A lovely hike!


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