Things to Do in London: Lumiere London

Westminster during Lumiere London 2018

While I was away visiting my family (and sweet nephews!) this week, Andrew offered to go check out Lumiere London for the blog. It is the biggest light festival in London with more than 50 exhibits all over the city. First run in 2016, the return of Lumiere was even bigger and better this year. Fingers crossed they’ll do it again next year!

The artworks were spread all over the city, just off the pavement or even in trees. Maps of each of the locations were available for purchase from staff located around town or a free app from VisitLondon was available for download. Using the app, Andrew walked twelve miles to see each one. He started at South Bank and made his way through the six major centres of art installations ending in Kings Cross.

Andrew had spearheaded taking photos during our amazing Northern Lights excursions in Tromsø, Norway, so he was the perfect person to put those skills to the test again for this super cool art festival in the dark. His pictures are amazing, but I’ll let you be the judge!

My favorite was the incredibly detailed lights on Westminster Abbey.

This incredible display was created using projectors to “paint” the existing features of the building, even the features on the statues’ faces. Remarkable.

Many of the works were interactive. This one was powered by bicycles on each side. The more the cyclists pedaled, the brighter it became.

Some were more simple than others, like these light balloons coordinated to music in Trafalgar Square.

A more subtle work was this bird in Mayfair with Sinatra softly playing in the background.


A lot of people stood mesmerized by show of fog and lights in Kings Cross.

With January being one of the darkest months of the year in London, Lumiere London sure does make the most of it! Thank you Andrew for sharing your photos with those of us who unfortunately had to miss this spectacular festival.

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