Friday Few

Friday Few

I think you can tell that things are picking up over here in London, as I have only a few pictures from the past week to show for it! Between getting into the swing of things with freelancing, getting involved with a social club for Americans here and doing my best to meet up with all the people friends have been kind enough connect me with since the move, I have plenty here to keep me busy. And I thought I’d have tons of free time!


gluten free skeleton cookie from beyond bread in london

Spooky cookie at the amazing gluten-free bakery, Beyond Bread. Only a 12 minute walk from my office, I will be back many times!

london bus on oxford street

When the platform at a Tube station gets too packed during rush hour, TfL will temporarily stop people from coming into the station and continuing to overcrowd the platforms and station. I had not experienced this during my time abroad, so I was really surprised to see it on my way home from work this week. Not wanting to stand packed in the wall of people waiting to get into the station, I checked my Citymapper for an alternate route and ended up on the bus!

I snagged a front and center seat at the top and enjoyed the view as we wound through the streets of London home. It took longer, but it was neat to see the route I usually take underground above ground.

And yes, the city is already getting decked out in Christmas decorations. The lights have not been turned on yet, however.

Statue in Canary Wharf London

This week I took my adventure day to Canary Wharf! This is the neighborhood where Andrew’s office is located, as is the branch of our bank where we opened our UK account. To be added to our account, I had to visit the branch in person with all my documents, so I made a day out of it!

I stopped by the bank (which went much more smoothly than anticipated, as I had heard many horror stories from fellow expats), then shopped in the underground mall, checked out the enormous Waitrose, hit the gym there with its terrific view, then met my friend for lunch!

Dutch Barges on the Thames in London

After lunch, my friend took me to see her barge! Yes, indeed, she and her husband live on a Dutch barge in the Thames! It was so cool and she is an impeccable hostess. We are already planning some fun events on the barge and throughout London for the club we joined at the same time. Very excited!


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