Hello world!

London sun rise

“Hello world!” is the title WordPress automatically gives your first post. In light of our recent international relocation, it feels quite fitting for my first post.

Hello world, from London! It feels so surreal to be here again, and this time for a couple years! I can happily say I am loving London just as much (if not more) as I did during my time studying abroad so far, and I can only imagine that that love will grow. It is so exciting to have the opportunity to live and explore here again now that I have more maturity, money and technology to help me do so, as well as having the exchange rate much more on my side!

Today marks one week since we landed. I had wanted to start this blog much sooner, but in the craze of have just two months to prepare for and make the move across the pond, I am only just getting started. I will probably back date some posts, since there is so much to share about this experience!

I am not sure what direction this site will take, but for now I hope to share some interesting updates from our time here. As the title suggests I will definitely be talking about the food and drink we discover.

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